My Infertility Journey

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"The Lord gave these things to me, and he has taken them away. 
 Praise the name of the Lord."
Job 1:21b

Home Resources Articles Embryo Adoption Our Story About Us

Our goal through this website is to minister to others who have also experienced infertility and/or pregnancy loss and also to inform others about the miracle of embryo adoption.  

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Our journey with infertility has spanned a decade.  Through this roller coaster, I have felt the joy of pregnancy and the pain of miscarriage.  I have felt the hopelessness and uselessness of barrenness and I have experienced the miracle of embryo adoption.  I have been diagnosed as infertile only to be surprised by miraculous natural conception years later.  I have felt the elation of carrying, birthing and nursing my own adopted child and I have felt the devastating loss of three babies.  I have experienced seeing and hearing my unborn baby’s heartbeat and I have also been given the heartbreaking news that the tiny heart has ceased to beat.  I have entered the doctor’s office with the anticipation of a newly expectant mother and I have left disillusioned and confused with an appointment for a post-miscarriage procedure.  I have had my most earnest prayers answered in miraculous ways and have also had these blessings taken away.  God has blessed abundantly and he has also taken away.  

Check back often, as I will be adding more and more of my story to this site.  My prayer is that you will be encouraged in your faith in God as you lean on Him to see you through your own struggle with infertility and loss.  

In my own struggle with infertility and loss,  I drew nearer to God.  Although I was confused, distraught and even angry at times, God in His grace still comforted me.  It is my desire to encourage others who have or are currently on this difficult path by sharing my story and how my relationship with God brought me through.