My Infertility Journey

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The most important resource you will need is your Bible.  Read it; study it; let God speak to you through it.  There will be times when you just need His comfort and reassurance.  Other times, you will need deliverance from anxious, negative or angry thoughts.  you may need to be reminded that He has a plan and He is trustworthy.  There will be times when you just need to be reminded of His love.  I promise that His word can help with whatever stage you are in.

There were times when I was so desperate for a word from God that I literally could not start my day until I talked with Him and read my Bible.  If you donít know where to start, start with the Psalms.  They are filled with words of encouragement and deliverance and praise to God.

I will be adding scripture references of verses that God has given me that helped through some of the most difficult and darkest times.  I hope that this will be a good reference tool for those going through some of the same experiences.

In addition to the Bible, I will be listing other resources that I found helpful during the most difficult times in my life.  Some of them will be books, Bible studies and other materials.

I am also including some websites with information on embryo donation and adoption for those who may be interested.